Rafal K. Komierowski is a Canadian freelance travel photographer who enjoys taking photos of the world surrounding him. Living in Calgary, AB, in close proximity to the spectacular Canadian Rockies and Prairies, allows him to enjoy this all-year natural playground, which is a major theme of his landscape photography.

His passion for life and enjoyment of meeting people has taken him to many places around the world. He has honed his photography and sensitivity to see the world as a gift to every one of us. Through his photos, he captures the beauty of nature and the wonderful landscape scenery as a gift to treasure and to use wisely.

His work has been viewed and enjoyed by many; it has been featured in daily newspapers, magazines, educational institutions, environmental organizations, travel guides, and book publishers, as well as on many photography websites in Canada, USA, Mexico, Australia and UK.

He is also available to take working travel assignments to take photos as requested by clients. Please contact Rafal for a quote, consultation, or stock photography inquiries. You may contact Rafal by email or by phone: +1.403.238.3985

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All photos taken by Rafal K. Komierowski are his property and copyrighted. All photos are available for sale.